Bell Media Best of Hot Docs: Cameraperson

Price: Festival Pass | $10 General, $8 Students & Seniors, $6 Members

Location: Cinematheque (100 Arthur Street)

Sunday, November 6 / 12 pm

Directed By Kirsten Johnson
2016, USA, 108 min

Kirsten Johnson is one of the sharpest women documentary cinematographers today. Johnson photographed Citizen Four, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and Kirby Dick’s The Invisible War. In this extraordinary documentary she goes through 25 years of outtakes and cinematography to weave a personal visual memoir of  events around the world. What does it mean to film another person? How does it affect that person – and what does it do to the one who films? A boxing match in Brooklyn; life in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina; the daily routine of a Nigerian midwife; an intimate family moment at home: these scenes and others are woven into Cameraperson. A work that combines documentary, autobiography, and ethical inquiry, Cameraperson is both a moving glimpse into one filmmaker’s personal journey and a thoughtful examination of what it means to train a camera on the world.

Plays with

Clean / Dir. Danielle Sturk, 2015, Canada, 2:44 min / A woman comes clean in a car wash.

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