Honky Tonk Ben

Honky Tonk Ben

Directed by Ryan McKenna

14 mins, 2011

Honky Tonk Ben was a yodeling cowboy with a talent for creating extravagant pianos

PLAYS WITH: Salesman

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  1. Ben Cormier was my Mom’s brother, and of course our uncle. We were very close to him and loved him dearly. He was no doubt a “character” with a wild imagination and a flair for all things grandiose. My nephew Ryan has captured Ben’s spirit perfectly through his film about one of Ben’s numerous hobbies i.e. taking old pianos, making them honky tonk and dressing them up with every colour in the rainbow, with glass, mirrors, lights and hilarious quotes. If you knew Ben and his love of music, you would agree that he truly lives on through these one-of-a-kind pianos. Indeed thanks to Ryan’s talents which are considerable, Ben also lives on through this magnificent film! Well worth seeing.

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