Is Multiplatform the Future of Documentary?

PANELISTS: Daniel Cross (Montreal), Brett Gaylor (Montreal) and Clive Holden (Toronto), and facilitated by Derek Luis (Winnipeg)

ADMISSION: $10 / $8 members
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In a short period of time, the internet has changed the way we produce, distribute and experience audio-visual material. The concept of working in multiple platforms has quickly evolved from online distribution of re-versioned linear content, to online specific generated works.

The combined energy created by the expansion of affordable technologies, widespread access to online platforms and the participatory nature of web culture has also led to an explosion of user-generated content. Digital media has become a place for all kinds of creators to converge, and has ushered in the way for a new sub-genre of documentary: the multiplatform documentary.

As the notion of multiplatform itself evolves, this panel will explore the impact of this transition, as new skill sets and works processes are required to support funding and production in multiplatform forms, and shifts in thinking are required from initial conception to connection with audiences.