Kazimi, Ali (Toronto)

Ali KazimiAli Kazimi is an awardwinning filmmaker based in Toronto. Born and raised in India, Kazimi’s path to filmmaking started when he taught  himself photography as a 13 year-old using his father’s Kodak Brownie. Kazimi’s films have been screened in festivals around the world, broadcast nationally and internationally, and have received over thirty national and international awards and honours, including a Gemini Award (The Donald Brittain Award) for Best Social / Political Documentary. As a cinematographer, in addition to shooting his own films, Kazimi has photographed several acclaimed films, including A Song for Tibet (1992), My Niagara (1993), Bollywood Bound (2001), and The Journey of Lesra Martin (2002). Since 2009, Kazimi has been researching stereoscopic 3D digital cinema at York University, where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film. Agar is his first S3D short.



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