Copyright Reform: Fair is Fair

PANELISTS: Claude Forest (Multimedia Risk), filmmaker Brett Gaylor and other representatives of the broadcast and legal communities, facilitated by Liza Fitzgibbons (DOC).

ADMISSION: $10 / $8 members
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As producers and users of copyrighted material, documentarians have a stake on both sides of the copyright argument. Although documentarians want to protect their materials, they also want to be able to access copyrighted materials for their productions, and do so in a fair and permissible manner. Existing provisions to the copyright law includes Fair Dealing, which allows for use of copyrighted material for five activities: criticism, review, private study, research and news reporting. Documentary filmmakers have had trouble fitting their art into these five exclusive categories, and so do their lawyers. As a result, filmmakers choose to clear the rights rather than make a case for the fair dealing defense.

DOC recently published Guidelines to Documentary and Fair Dealing and now aims to engage the production community in a dialogue to discuss what constitutes best practices for documentary and Fair Dealing. This panel is part of a national roadshow bringing together stakeholders to argue, debate and refine what would be considered best practices. This conversation is timely with Bill C-32 before Parliament in the fall. Panelists and the audience will discuss the legal and practical implications of Fair Dealing.