Panel Discussion: Getting the Inside Track: Gaining Access and Trust with Your Subjects

Price: Free Admission

Location: Black Lodge Studio (3rd floor, 100 Arthur Street)

Saturday, November 4 / 4 pm

The most difficult part of filming a documentary can be getting intimate access to your subject’s life. How does a documentarian ingratiate themself to their subject, building the kind of relationship needed to create an accurate and penetrating portrait? Getting that access to some subjects can expose a whole new set of issues and uncertainties as well: where is the ethical line between representation and exploitation? Moderated by Kevin Nikkel (The Far Fur Country) and featuring Carlo Guillermo Proto (Resurrecting Hassan), Ervin Chartrand (Highway 45), Jeff Newman (Being Greene), Leona Krahn (After a Suicide: Moving Past Why).

Sponsored by Manitoba Film & Music.