The Short Films of Matt McCormick

Price: Festival Pass | $10 General, $8 Students & Seniors, $6 Members

Location: Cinematheque (100 Arthur Street)

Sunday, November 6 / 5 pm

Introduction and Q&A by Matt McCormick.

Matt McCormick is an American filmmaker and artist whose work crosses mediums and defies genre distinctions to fashion witty, abstract observations of contemporary culture and the urban landscape. His work has screened at Sundance, MOMA, The Viennale, SXSW and has won awards at the San Francisco International Film Festival and Ann Arbor Film Festival.

This program features a selection of McCormick’s short documentary work with some clips from his upcoming feature documentary Buzz One Four (2017), and his Interstitial short film series.

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal  / 2001, USA, 16 min / Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements. Narrated by Miranda July.

American Nutria / 2003, USA, 11 min / Nutria are a large, odd looking rodent from Argentina that were imported to the United States by the fur industry in the 1930’s and 40’s. Now, 60+ years after their introduction to North America, they appear to be on track to eating the entire continent.  Nobody really knows how to get rid of them, but there have been some pretty interesting attempts.

Future So Bright / 2010, USA 23 min / Documentation and mapping project that creatively catalogs abandoned spaces in the American West. The film explores ghost towns, abandoned military bases, and boarded up tourist traps to present a meditative time capsule of the false starts and failed attempts of the past 200 years of American Western Expansion.