There is a House Here

Price: Festival Pass | $10 General, $8 Students & Seniors, $6 Members

Location: Cinematheque (100 Arthur Street)

Directed by Alan Zweig
2017, Canada, 105 min
Inuktitut and English with subtitles
Manitoba premiere

Friday, November 3 / 7 pm

Introduction and Q&A with Alan Zweig.

Alan Zweig, Self-professed curmudgeon (Vinyl, When Jews Were Funny, Hurt) has created his masterpiece. Alan and his small crew accompanied by his pen pal guide Tatanniq Idlout (aka Inuit rock musician Lucie Idlout) journey to the northern community of Iqaluit, where they meet a fiercely independent Inuit people who have suffered from the harsh effects of residential schools and bureaucratic policies. With his self deprecating style, Zweig manages to capture interviews of great honesty and sorrow, never being afraid to expose himself and infuriate his interviewees in the process.  John Price’s stunning photographic vistas of the north help make this one of the finest Canadian documentaries of the year.

“Ultimately, it’s the alternately dolorous and hopeful humanity of this film that winds us and if anything, There is a House Here is a journey, an exploration of deep understanding. The world will be a better place because of it.” – Greg Klymkiw, The Film Corner