Working in Animated Documentary Forms

PANELISTS: Bob Sabiston (Austin, TX), Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Montreal) and Jody Kramer (Vancouver), and facilitated by Murray Toews (Winnipeg)

ADMISSION: $10 / $8 members
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The recent works of Canadian director Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre and American Bob Sabiston speak to a larger global exploration of the animated documentary form. Their work, placed alongside recent long feature films such as Waltz with Bashir and Persepolis, are part of a growing movement in documentary to move beyond traditional forms include creative hybrid elements as mechanisms that mix in the filmmaker’s perspective in a very conscious and visible way.

The lower cost of producing animation and the breakdown of the traditional ‘rules’ of documentary filmmaking have made working in animated documentary financially feasible and open to greater programmer and audience acceptance. The impetus to work in animated documentary forms, as well as the inherent ethical issues surrounding the notion of ‘objective’ versus ’subjective’ representation will be discussed through a panel on animated documentary.